My Concern – The Fruit Infused Water

My Concern - The Fruit Infused Water

My concern The Fruit Infused Water…

Drinking tea, I love it.

I also want to get a nice cup and to discover new flavors.

And above all, the break tea time allows me to make a nice mini break, without really realizing it. Like addicted to nicotine.
Prepare the cup boiling water, leave to infuse tea drinking. A nice ritual.

Except that every day, this type of setting idyllic and bucolic scene, bah I do not always have time for.
Sometimes I just need to go straight to the point: re-hydrate me asap.

To be honest, plain water is when I’m dying of thirst. For in truth, drink 1 liter of water and some required daily it bothers me and I do feel that rarely need.

I’m going to start to bottom toting my bottle for 2-3 days, and then the following, I will drink a glass of water here and there (include in the morning, another possibly lunch, and two other times) . it’s little.

Fortunately, I regularly do sports; because during my sessions I also want to drink more. But then again, I know that the quantities required are not reached.

Yet the benefits of water are many, yet I know it.

Among other things, improving cellular exchange, toxin elimination, complexion brighter …

But as often with me, that I may do something that get drunk beforehand, I’ve got to find a playful side (such as children what) .
This is how to do sports, I chose to bet on outfits super girly and super colorful, which makes me want to wear them and so do my squats in stride.

My concern for water, I found the answer: the fruit infused water.

They are true works of art, as beautiful to look at drink.

The natural benefits of water are magnified through the fruit. This can be a draining boost (lemon), a vitamin intake tenfold (raspberries, oranges …) …

To make a fruit infused water, is simple.

First, choose the fruits (or vegetables) naturally rich in water that once infused will release their flavor. Avoid bananas , for example.

Then cut your fruit into slices and drag them into a bottle that you can easily take with you. It is necessary that the latter has the neck wide enough to insert and remove the fruit easily (if you choose the glass material that I recommend) . If you prefer the plastic it will dispose with all the fruit, after two or three days of use.

For home infusions, the Mason Jar are on top! Add some spring water and infuse several hours.

Here are my favorite recipes:

– Ginger + Lemon + Lime + raspberry
– blueberry lemon + + + cucumber mint

I keep the fruit at most two days in the bottle. Longer, they would make the water cloudy and lose their flavor. During the two days you will keep the fruits you need only add water source.

So no, I unfortunately did not have time to ALWAYS prepare fruit waters (I’m not superwoman to juggle everything) , but the addictive effect they create (because it’s pretty and it’s good ) makes me realize that now often “oh shame I do not have my pretty fruity bottle of water” because “oh lazy, I did not want to prepare” but suddenly “it would be a good idea to drink some water flat anyway”.

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A Healthier Body Through Detox Water

A Healthier Body Through Detox Water

Need to feel lighter and regain a healthier body? Water, fruit, vegetables and it becomes possible with the water detox.

The holidays are over and we want to feel lighter. With all the good food and delicious desserts that we ate one wants to purify to regain a healthier body. What better than the water detox to clean our body !

What is detox water?

If water is not your thing, you’ll love the water detox. It is a vitamin drink made based on water, fruit or vegetables. Far less bland than a water bottle. Leaving infuse fruits and vegetables in water, you get their benefits while cleansing your body. Most ? You moisturize your body and this seems less boring.

How to prepare a water detox?

All you need is water, fruit or vegetable (or both), a jar with a lid (or gourd) and straw. Now, it’s your turn to play.

  1. Fill the container with water.
  2. Wash your fruits and vegetables and cut them into pieces.
  3. Place the fruit in your water jar and close the lid.
  4. After 30 minutes, the water begins to take the taste of the foods you have chosen. For this to be effective, let infuse for a whole night in the refrigerator (for freshness) or at room temperature.
  5. Insert a straw into your jar and enjoy your water detox. Why a straw? To drink without fruit bothersome.
  6. Feel free to eat fruits and vegetables of your water detox.

The benefits of fruits and vegetables

Drinking water infused with fruits and vegetables, yes, but how to know what effects this can have on our bodies? Whatever happens, drink (or eat) their food never hurt you. You will cleanse your body and it will do good to your body. Choose foods that you like and let your imagination.

But if you are one of those who like to know more, here is an overview of the benefits of foods commonly used for detox water.

Strawberries: They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and are very low in calories.

Lemons: Rich in vitamin C, they are also known as a medicinal plant. They help you fight against tonsillitis, flu, headaches, colds, etc. Lemon also improves your digestion.

Oranges: Rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compound, they are great for your water detox. This also improves your immune system to fight against external aggression.

Mint: This is a very powerful antioxidant that tastes good.

These foods are only an overview of a wide range of fruits and vegetables that you can use. If you want more details on the benefits of your favorite fruits and vegetables, do a little research.

Some Recipes

There are so many fruits and vegetables that you like that you do not know where to start. Check out some combinations for your detox water that are very appreciated.

  • Strawberry, lemon, mint
  • Orange, lemon
  • Lemon, cucumber, mint
  • Strawberry, kiwi
  • Watermelon basilica
  • Lemon, cucumber, mint, ginger
  • Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, basil (or mint
  • Grapefruit, lemon, orange

You will love the detox water for healthier body!

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How To Prepare Detox Water?

How To Prepare Detox Water?

Water is life ! Then water and fruit, what more healthy and refreshing with summer is almost here! Here are the instructions of the “detox water”.

What the water detox?

It is a vitamin drink you make yourself from water and fruit (and / or vegetables / salad). Exit sodas and refined drinks full of preservatives and added sugars. Make way for the freshness, vitamins and antioxidants and especially a real detoxifying hydration!

What you need to cook your detox water?

  1. Fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables and herbs.
  2. Containing one or more of which close tightly to infuse in the refrigerator.

How to prepare detox water?

The recipe is simple. To achieve its detox water, nothing faster: Take a jar, put in the fruits / vegetables / salad of your choice, add water and voila! There really is nothing complicated.

Why drink e to DETO x?

I remind you to drink 2.5 L of water minimum for women and 3 L for men. The summer approaching, it is a good alternative to sugary drinks and too a good idea to drink water to children too … or just people who tend to the camels by drinking a glass of water per day. Some feel included? HM hm 😉

It’s fun (let your imagination or your children by making your mixtures), is beautiful (admit it’s beautiful all the colors) is healthy (no added sugar, water is flavored by fruit) and it’s delicious!

Moreover, it is ” detox ” because this will cause a metabolic response within your body, especially the liver. Fruit sip your water will soak detox and fruits will release vitamins and antioxidants that have an important role in removing toxins from your body.

Water – Lemon – Mint: a classic!

– 3 slices of lemon + lemon juice
– a few mint leaves deposited at the bottom of a jar
– 250 ml of water.

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