How To Prepare Detox Water?

Water is life ! Then water and fruit, what more healthy and refreshing with summer is almost here! Here are the instructions of the “detox water”.

What the water detox?

It is a vitamin drink you make yourself from water and fruit (and / or vegetables / salad). Exit sodas and refined drinks full of preservatives and added sugars. Make way for the freshness, vitamins and antioxidants and especially a real detoxifying hydration!

What you need to cook your detox water?

  1. Fruits, vegetables, raw vegetables and herbs.
  2. Containing one or more of which close tightly to infuse in the refrigerator.

How to prepare detox water?

The recipe is simple. To achieve its detox water, nothing faster: Take a jar, put in the fruits / vegetables / salad of your choice, add water and voila! There really is nothing complicated.

Why drink e to DETO x?

I remind you to drink 2.5 L of water minimum for women and 3 L for men. The summer approaching, it is a good alternative to sugary drinks and too a good idea to drink water to children too … or just people who tend to the camels by drinking a glass of water per day. Some feel included? HM hm 😉

It’s fun (let your imagination or your children by making your mixtures), is beautiful (admit it’s beautiful all the colors) is healthy (no added sugar, water is flavored by fruit) and it’s delicious!

Moreover, it is ” detox ” because this will cause a metabolic response within your body, especially the liver. Fruit sip your water will soak detox and fruits will release vitamins and antioxidants that have an important role in removing toxins from your body.

Water – Lemon – Mint: a classic!

– 3 slices of lemon + lemon juice
– a few mint leaves deposited at the bottom of a jar
– 250 ml of water.

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